Reputation Management

Prosper your business by gaining a clear cut conception on reputation management service with iRadius Marketing. A lot of misconceptions are there regarding reputation management. According to some it is just social media monitoring whereas there are others who believe that it has something to do with public relation, again, there are some people who don’t have any idea about how it impacts businesses and sales. Let our reputation management experts define it. The practice of attempting to shape public perception of an organization or a person by influencing online information about that entity is reputation management. In today’s media and business sphere companies of every size can surely benefit from having a clear outline of this process.


In order to broaden public relation outside of media relations our reputation management team has extended planning. Academic studies identified it as a driving force behind 500 corporate public relations from the beginning of 21st century. With the popularity of internet and social media, the meaning has shifted which emphasized on electronic communities such as social media, review sites and most importantly the search results on an individual or brand.


We are a digital marketing company aiming at building business. The team monitors the reputation of an organization or an individual or a brand on the internet. It uses various effective methods in order to receive early warning signals or to reputation problems. Our reputation management experts work to push down negative search results. It attempts to meet the gap between how a company perceives itself and how its clients view it.


Online reputation management is mainly the management of the results on websites that evaluate services and products making referrals and recommendations. The entire reputation management team move step wise, involving careful monitoring of the references to the business or the person through different channels before planning further search queries. This process helps to deliver a snapshot of current public opinion of the business or the person in question and then in order to address any problematic issues a campaign can be designed.



Your online reputation is your reputation in the bigger world, in the digital era. Good online reputation doesn’t only involve reacting well to what people say about you but also involves how to react or whether to react at all. You need to have a professional to manage reputation of your business. After all it is a competitive era and he can get you fruits.


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